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Wishlisting: The Wall Art Edition

I’ve been on the hunt for some new wall art for a while and my wishlist is starting to get a little out of hand… to the point where there wouldn’t actually be enough wall space for it all (or money for that matter, ha). Here is my somewhat condensed current wishlist of (affordable!) wall art goodness:

1. Knot  |  2. Abstract Geomtric  |  3. Hexagon  |  4. Flora No. 1

artwork-wishlist-025. Lucky Wheel  |  6. Triangles  |  7. Abstract Watercolor  |  8. Black and White Abstract

artwork-wishlist-039. Flora No. 2  |  10. Black Lines  |  11. Watercolor Diamond  |  12. Direct Laser Cut

(Main image via Kristina Krough)


The Fiddle Leaf Fig

The new apartment is coming along well, but some greenery was definitely needed, so I was super chuffed when I spotted the “it plant” of the moment, the fiddle leaf fig at my local garden centre. I have a habit of killing plants, but the lovely shop assistant assured me this one really difficult to kill, ha.

Here are 3 tips I was given for keeping your fiddle leaf happy:

  1. Only water when the top inch of soil is dry, test this by sticking your finger in the soil. Pretty soon you’ll figure out about how often it needs water. Keep in mind this can change season to season.
  2. The fiddle leaf is an ideal apartment plant and is best kept in bright, indirect light. So basically, you want it in a room full of light, but don’t have sun shining directly onto it as this can damage the leaves.
  3. Because the plant has such lush, large leaves, they may collect indoor dust which could block light to the plant, so carefully wipe the dust off with a soft, damp cloth to keep it healthy.


Playlist: Seven Songs

Can I start off by saying that there have been SO many 2015 albums that I have been enjoying – Florence, Death Cab, Jamie xx, Hot Chip – the list goes on. All of the songs on this playlist have been released this year and have been getting maximum play time on my Spotify. Enjoy :)



We have been in our place for exactly a year and have decided to downsize because lets be real, Sydney is so damn expensive.

I guess if there was one bonus of renting, it would be that you get to flexibly experience different neighbourhoods and can decide which areas work for you and which don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love where we are right now, but being so close to the city = $$$.

Our last apartment came fully furnished, so when we moved to this place we pretty much had to start from scratch, furniture wise anyway. Challenging as that was, we could finally choose stuff we actually liked and having all our own stuff that represents us made me appreciate this space so much more.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, the new place is in an amazing converted warehouse building in a part of town I love, so I’m sure it’s going to be great – bring on the new experiences.

I’m going to miss this place a lot though, peace out little house!


On niche blogging

I’m just going to say it – sometimes I find blogs that only talk about one topic a little boring. It seems to be a trending topic lately – “If you don’t narrow your blogging focus, your blog won’t succeed!” and my question is why?

I’m a designer and I love design, having worked in the industry for more than 10 years I have lots to share, but is that all I should be blogging about when I am equally passionate about music, travel, food and fashion? My main aim is to produce quality, well thought out content about things that matter to me (I guess that’s my “niche”?). I have added some structure to those topics by splitting them up into a few categories, but there is no one specific topic, I would probably die of boredom if that were the case.

So my point is this: blog about what you makes you happy. Why feel restricted or pigeon holed when you have a variety of passions to share?

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