Hair products I love

I’ve got a good selection of hair products currently on the go that I’ve been loving and using a lot, so I thought I would do a post about them. A bit about my hair — I have thick, dry, wavy hair which is definitely prone to frizz (summer + my hair = the ultimate enemies), so I guess these products are geared towards managing this sort of hair type…

Catwalk by TIGI Haute Iron Spray

Catwalk by TIGI – Haute Iron Spray

“Contains shield-forming and shine-enhancing ingredients to help resist heat up to 230° C.”
The only way I can keep my hair looking smooth is by using a hair straightener a couple of times a week (I use the Cloud Nine Wide Iron which is amazing). To combat the fried, damaged hair that inevitably comes with heat styling, I spray a healthy dose of this on beforehand. It protects your hair from the heat and leaves your hair looking seriously shiny afterwards which is a nice added bonus. Holy grail product right here, I can’t live without it.

Ouai – Wave Spray

“This ultra-fine mist is the secret to loose, beachy waves without the stiffness or crunch.”
I have already done a full blog post on this product – that’s how much I love it, so I won’t repeat myself. In short, this spray works wonders and smells absolutely amazing. So glad Ouai is readily available here in Aus as I can’t seem to get enough of this brand! You can read my full post about the Wave Spray here.

Ouai Wave Spray

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5 in 1 Treatment

Living Proof – Perfect Hair Day 5 in 1 Treatment

“Delivers 5 benefits in one bottle – smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength and polish.”
When Mecca stopped carrying Living Proof, I actually emailed them to ask WTF happened and they said something about losing the rights to carrying it in Australia. Gutted! I have just under half a bottle of this leave-in treatment left and am using it as sparingly as possible. I pop a bit into damp hair and usually let it air dry, it leaves my hair so soft and definitely helps sort out the frizz.

Ouai – Hair Oil

“This luxurious Hair Oil smooths frizz and seals split ends for a high-gloss, silky finish.”
Another favourite from Ouai, this oil is incredibly lightweight and like the Wave Spray, not at all greasy. I must admit I don’t *love* the way it smells, but that’s not at all a deal breaker as the product itself is just too great to not use solely because of the smell. After washing my hair, I run a bit through the ends of my damp hair and it leaves it looking super smooth, shiny and glossy. Absolutely beautiful product, I cannot recommend this enough.

Ouai Hair Oil

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer

Bumble and Bumble – Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer

“A pre-styler that protects, conditions, and eases styling for dry, brittle, or coarse hair”
Lastly, is this Bumble and Bumble cult favourite. Not gonna lie, it’s popularity definitely influenced why I decided to buy it and I must say it’s definitely worth the hype. To me, this product functions in the same way a makeup primer would. Apply it before styling and it just smooths down the texture of my hair, making it a million times easier to work with. Use sparingly though, as I have found that too much of this can definitely weigh down the hair.