Ouai Wave Spray

My experience with wave sprays go as far as Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray, but always found it way too sticky and crunchy feeling for my liking, so never really used it much…

Ouai hair products have been all over the place lately and I have seen both positive and negative reviews, nonetheless I was still keen to see what the fuss was about, so I dropped by Sephora and ended up trying their Wave Spray.

It’s been a while since I have purchased a product that I immediately loved, hence why this stuff is deserving of it’s own post. It’s so good! It’s light, but adds the PERFECT amount of (non sticky!) texture to my hair for that sort of undone, bedheady look – because lets be real for a moment, “effortless” hair is quite an effort. I spray it on damp hair and kind of scrunch it around, then let it air dry before going in with my curling iron to create some smoother waves (I have thick hair on the more coarse/frizzy side). I spray on a bit afterwards too for good measure. NO CRUNCH.

So yeah, my first experience into the world of Ouai has been positive and I’m already weighing up what to try next, I’m thinking it’ll be their hair oil when it’s back in stock :)

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