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My living room

I have been living in this¬†converted warehouse apartment in Sydney’s Inner West for just over a year and one of my favourite things about it is the living room area. With soaring 3.5 metre high ceilings and huge windows, the abundance of natural light that pours in is amazing and it’s where I spend 95% of my time on weekends. I thought I would snap a few photos of the space to share…

I have never really set out with a plan to decorate, if I like something, I’ll buy it and over the years have kind of just let the pieces fall into place themselves. The majority of my stuff is pretty affordable, the couch was pricey, but I got it on sale for a great price. The smaller sofa under the window is an Ikea fold out bed for when friends stay over. One of my favourite pieces is the little retro coffee table that I got on sale from Matt Blatt for $250 — furniture is expensive man, I am alllll about the sales — it has a shelf where I keep current mags on the go, coasters + remotes etc. The striped Ikea rug is another fave and is so good at pulling an open plan space together (you can see it in my last place here).

From a design point of view, I’m a massive fan of mid century modern, clean lines, bold patterns, wood, texture and greenery. While I appreciate the minimal Scandi-style approach to interiors (and a fair bit of my Pinterest is filled with it), I’m not really into all white spaces as they can feel quite clinical. I prefer my space to feel a little more lived in and a little less “styled for a magazine” perfect :)