A post about blogging authenticity and clickbait

Blogging and reading blogs is something I love and if I ever need a giant dose of inspiration, I know I can always turn to my favourite blogs and be spoiled for choice when it comes to ace content. To ensure I was never missing updates from said blogs, I recently did a big purge of my slightly out-of-control Bloglovin feed and it got me thinking… so many of the blogs I unfollowed were literally all posting the same thing and I could not for the life of me differentiate one blog from another. Instead of feeling inspired (because that’s the point of blogging right?), I was feeling annoyed and bombarded. I decided to take a deeper look into this and took note of the things that kept coming up, over and over and over again…

Blogging advice

All of a sudden everyone is a blogging expert, posting blog posts about blog “tips” I HAVE to follow or my blog will crash and burn into the blogosphere abyss. Since when is there a right or wrong way of blogging? Boost your traffic! Blogging Secrets You Wish You Knew! Be a Girlboss (don’t even get me started on how much I hate the term ‘Girlboss’)! Turn your blog into a full time career! Page views! Moneti$e! Who are you and why are you telling me how to run MY blog?


567 reasons to assume people are idiots. Top 14 ways to really piss me off. Do we really need numbers to determine whether or not we read an article? Are we in kindergarten? I mean sure, there is a time and place for lists, but do we ALWAYS need content handed to us in little bite-sized Buzzfeed style chunks? Are we seriously that dumbed down?


90% of my feed was filled up with posts all about declutters, organisation and “minimal living”. So many self proclaimed experts in this area, yet I’m not learning anything new — everyone is saying the same damn thing, just packaged up using slightly different grammar (if I see one more reference to Marie Kondo, I might self destruct). I feel like minimalism is a fad that many Bloggers and Youtubers participate in for it’s aesthetic appeal. Minimalism is about buying less and keeping more, not buying more and then throwing away more.

Capsule wardrobes

Ironically, something that is supposed to be about pairing down and utilising what you have has somehow become ALL about consumerism and the never-ending quest to shop shop shop until you have that *perfect* capsule wardrobe in place. Much like my point above, capsule wardrobes have lost their meaning and are now just a popular, fleeting buzzword that brings in the page views/traffic. Here is a really spot on article about this topic.

Out of place sponsorships

I have nothing against a well written sponsored post that is seamless with the voice of the blog, in fact I welcome it! But when every second blogger is shilling things like kinder buenos, yoghurt and those shitty Daniel Wellington watches, it gets old pretty quick. The sponsored post disclaimer that follows is usually along the lines of “Blog Name will only partner with brands that are a natural fit for Blog Name”. What better way to indirectly call your readers idiots. Anything for a quick buck (or free product) I suppose.

In conclusion…

I have edited this post so many times before hitting publish to ensure it comes across in a coherent way and obviously this is just my two cents. I’ll reiterate my first point by saying while there are loads of amazing blogs out there posting the most inspiring content, I feel like they are slowly, but surely being overtaken by this clickbaity, uninspired repetitiveness and I am finding it all a little sad — case in point right here, reading an article like this begs the question — is this really what blogging has become? What is the point? Where has the creativity and authenticity gone? I mean hey, people might enjoy this stuff and more power to them, but on a personal level, it’s just not for me (or this blog).

  • Haha, I love this post! It’s all so true. Although I do have to admit that my blog also focuses on wardrobe building but I like to think I’m a bit more considerate about it than just buying whatever I lay my eyes on. Regarding reading blogs, I only follow blogs that I feel are authentic and are not all about the latest trends and posting as many affiliate links in one post as possible. I’m sure you’ll agree that those can be hard to find ;)

    • Haha I’m glad you enjoyed the post, I was worried it would come across as too preachy.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love me a well constructed wardrobe post, they’re some of my favourite type of posts – but I have seen SO many blogs lately that push the whole Capsule Wardrobe thing while posting regular clothing hauls at the same time. It’s not a Capsule Wardrobe then, it’s just a… wardrobe? Ha. And yes, totally agreed on affiliate links, when every single freaking item in a blog post is monetized, it’s such a turn off, even more so when every blogger is posting (or should i say “advertising”) the same damn thing!

      I must say your blog is one of my absolute favourites and I always look forward to reading! :)

  • YES YES and YESSSS. Oh my goodness, so happy that you actually published this. So relieved to hear somebody is thinking the same things and actually posting about it. I hate how the blogosphere is so repetitive sometimes. To be honest, it’s hard not to get sucked into it, because sometimes I see how much attention these things get and when I compare it with our blogposts (which are a bit more spontaneous and away from all those “trends” but get far fewer views/reactions) I get a bit frustrated. I’m happy to read your opinion on it because it’s people like YOU (alternative, creative) that we want to attract and so it kind of reminds me to stay with our own concept and authenticity, stay consistent and everything will be all right :) Cheers!!

    • OMG, thank you so much for posting such a lovely response! I am so glad you agree and can relate to what I’m trying to say. I agree, it can be so disheartening when you put so much time and effort into something that just gets overlooked, yet all that repetitive clickbait all around you is constantly booming with popularity. At the end of the day I figure that sort of thing is just not me so why spend time being something that I’m not – I would rather have this space be a true reflection of who I am, otherwise what’s the point?! I really don’t care about numbers and traffic, I care about having cool, like-minded conversations with awesome peeps such as yourself, even if they can be few and far between, haha. Cheers to you too and keep doing what you’re doing! :)