Summer in Sydney

Hello 2017! You are finally here. Amidst all the global lows of 2016, I definitely had some personal highlights that made it a year to remember, two main ones being purchasing our first home here in Sydney and becoming an Australian citizen — it sure felt good ticking those two items off my “get shit done” goals list. I’m going into 2017 with an open mind and no set plans (as of yet anyway), so we’ll see where the year takes us!

I took a bit of a digital detox in December. After an insanely busy year, I decided to take a few weeks off work and have what I guess one would call a “staycation” — exploring my local surroundings, doing a few road trips down the coast, drinking way too many G&T’s and just taking in summer in Sydney. This is what the past few weeks have been looking like…

Happy new year & thanks for following along XOXO