Coachella 2014 Photo Diary: Day 1

Well clearly I am the procrastinator of all procrastinators posting this 6 months later, but better late than never I say! Not gonna lie, the delay was due to my lack of motivation sorting through and editing literally thousands of photos, but I bit the bullet and did it and I have split the posts into 3 because of the sheer volume of photos. Ohhh how I miss that beautiful Palm Desert…

We got to the festival site quite late on Friday as it took a while to check into our hotel then get the 40 minute shuttle bus over. The Coachella wristband activation app was down so that caused some further delays, but after a few teething problems, we finally arrived and it was a totally surreal *pinch me* moment. We spent the afternoon walking around the festival site, eating, drinking, checking out the stages and just taking it all in.

We saw:
Ellie Goulding (lovely to see her as the sun was going down)
Broken Bells (one of the highlights of the weekend, I love James Mercer)

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Outkast finale, soooo good <3