Coachella 2014 Photo Diary: Day 3

I woke up on the final day with a really scratchy throat and a hoarse cough. NICE TIMING, BODY. I pretended I didn’t feel like absolute death and we made our way over to the festival site for the last time, it felt a bit bittersweet~

We arrived just in time to catch Rudimental who put on a super energetic show. John Newman came out to do Feel The Love which was awesome (short Instagram video here). Our main agenda for the final day was to get on on that iconic Coachella ferris wheel! After observing the line situation on the previous two days, we figured going on before dusk would be a good plan of attack as it seemed less busy then. As we made our way across, The Naked and Famous were playing on the main stage so we watched a bit of their set from afar. When we arrived at the ferris wheel, the line was pretty damn long and it almost deterred us, but it seemed to be moving quickly and we ended up being in line for 10 minutes max. The ferris wheel gave 360 degree views of the Coachella Valley and put into perspective how truly stunning the Palm Desert really is, soooo worth it. After viewing Coachella from above, we went back down to check out some more sets from Little Dragon, Lana Del Rey, Beck and closing out the weekend in an absolutely epic way, Arcade Fire.

The best end to the best weekend ♥

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