Packing For Coachella: In My Handbag

Coachella is officially 18 days away and everything is starting to become a lot more real. I leave for LA on April 16th, so I’m starting to think about last minute details, such as what to pack (gaaaaah) and more specifically, what to have on me for those 3 glorious days out in the Palm Desert. I’ve done some research (Coachella forum, you are very informative) and have started putting together the stuff I think I’ll need, so I’m well prepared for the best weekend ever.

Small, light crossbody bag

This bag has seen me through a few festivals and it’s perfect. It’s small, yet big enough to fit everything I need. I also like that it has a few different compartments so I don’t have to stuff everything into the same area, plus it’s tan so it’ll go with everything I wear.


No brainer really. They’re also prescription so I’ll be able to see the stage from far away. Bonus.


Porta-loos. Need I say more?

Blistex Lip Protection SPF 30

Because sunburnt lips hurt like hell.

Compact digital camera

I’m not relying on my phone for photos because lets face it, iPhone batteries are shit and the last thing you want is your phone dying halfway through day 1. I bought my Canon S110 purely for traveling because it fits in my pocket, should see me through 3 days worth of battery life and the 32gb memory card means thousands of (great quality) photos. Win.

Travel size cleansing wipes

It’s the desert – hot, sticky and dusty. I bought 6 packs – 2 packs per day for freshening up in the heat.

Waterproof sunscreen SPF 50

Again, no brainer.

Coin purse

For space reasons, I’m ditching the big bulky wallet and sticking with something smaller. This’ll store my cash and ID.

Marked medication

Turning up to a festival with random unmarked pills basically means they’re going to get confiscated on arrival, or worse, you’ll be detained by police. Keep it in the original packaging.¬†Painkillers for headaches and antihistamines to fend off any potential dust/grass/whatever reactions.